World Juniors extra time rules: Making sense of the various configurations at the 2023 IIHF U20 Big showdown

One of the principal distinctions between the International Ice Hockey League (IIHF) contest and the NHL is extra time.


At the international hockey stage, there are various organizations for extra time contingent upon the phase of the competition.

The 2023 World Junior Title is one of those rivalries and thus, the games utilize a slight variety from the NHL extra time guidelines which talked at Xat group. One thing that stays predictable is that there are no ties — whether it is in guideline, extra time or a shootout, a victor will be chosen.

In any case, how a victor is resolved fluctuates, as the OT designs don’t remain reliable all through the competition. There are contrasts between the gathering stage and the knockout round, lastly the award games.

World Juniors additional time rules for the primer round

On the off chance that a game is tied after the finish of guideline during the starter round, groups will play a five-minute, 3-on-3 extra time period. Groups won’t change closes for the OT time frame and the game finishes when an objective is scored.

On the off chance that neither one of the groups can score in the extra time, the game goes to a shootout. Each group gets five shooters and the group with the most objectives after five rounds dominates the match.

On the off chance that the groups are tied after five adjusts, the shootout will continue onward until one group scores in a round and different doesn’t. While groups need to pick five distinct skaters in the underlying rounds, when the initial five rounds are finished, players can go however many times as their mentor wants.

World Juniors extra time rules for the knockout stage

On account of a tie toward the finish of guideline in a season finisher, position season finisher, quarterfinal, elimination round, or bronze-decoration game, then, at that point, a 10-minute unexpected demise extra time will be played. It is 3-in 3 and the main group to score dominates the match.

On the off chance that the challenge stays tied after OT, it will go to a five-round shootout or until a victor is delegated in the shootout.

World Juniors additional time rules for the gold-decoration game

The gold-award game is the main challenge that doesn’t include shootouts.

In the event that the gold-decoration game remaining parts tied after three times of guideline, it goes to 20-minute additional time times of 3-on-3 hockey. Not at all like the past adjusts, the OT time frames go on until an objective is scored. These games will have 15-minute interludes between every additional time period, and the ice will be reemerged. The principal group to score dominates the match and the gold award.

We saw the 2022 World Juniors 윈윈벳 victor chose in extra time, as Canada and Finland were hitched at 2-2 after guideline. Kent Johnson dominated the match  for Canada with his OT objective.

World Juniors 2023 pre-competition plan: Dates, times, channel and streams for display games

Boxing Day is only multi week away, and that implies we are only days from the 2023 World Juniors.

The yearly IIHF competition is set to start the day after Christmas, with 10 groups fighting it out in the Maritimes to be delegated title holder. The groups have been generally settled for every one of the nations as they gear up for the opposition.

While the authority games don’t begin until Dec. 26, there are show games that will be held in front of the competition. Six unique areas all through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will have a sum of 11 pre-competition challenges.


The most effective method to watch 2023 World Juniors pre-competition games on television, live stream


  • Television slot (Canada): TSN
  • Live stream (Canada):, TSN application
  • Television slot (U.S.): NHL Organization
  • Live stream (U.S.): fuboTV

TSN or potentially the NHL Organization will have five pre-competition games accessible to watch before the activity begins on Boxing Day, with three of those challenges including Canada and one highlighting the USA.

Canadian watchers can watch the show contest on TSN or can stream the games through or on the TSN application. The American crowd can see one of the USA matches live on television on the NHL Organization, or can stream them through fuboTV… GET MORE INFO

When do the 2023 World Juniors begin?

  • Begin date: December 26, 2022
  • End date: January 5, 2023

With the 2023 competition beginning at the ordinary season, that implies the opposition starts off the day after Christmas, December 26. The gathering stage begins will occur once again the initial six days. The quarterfinals will be played on Jan. 2, the elimination rounds on Jan. 4 and the competition will finish up with the bronze and gold decoration games on Jan. 5.

Instructions to watch 2023 World Juniors games on television, live stream

  • Station (Canada): TSN
  • Live stream (Canada):, TSN application
  • Station (U.S.): NHL Organization
  • Live stream (U.S.): fuboTV

Yet again TSN and the NHL Organization will be home to all of the activity for the 2023 World Juniors. Canadian watchers can watch the opposition on TSN or can stream the games through or on the TSN application. The American crowd can see the games live on television on the NHL Organization, or can stream them through fuboTV.

Where could the 2023 World Juniors be?

  • Area: Halifax N.S./Moncton, N.B.
  • Setting: Scotiabank Center/Avenir Center

Yet again the World Juniors will be parted between two host urban areas, as the competition will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Moncton, New Brunswick. The games in Halifax will be played at the Scotiabank Center, the home of the QMJHL’s Halifax Mooseheads. Any of the challenges in Moncton will be played at the Avenir Center, where the QMJHL’s Moncton Wildcats call home.

This will be the second time Halifax is a host city for the World Juniors. Beforehand, the 2003 World Juniors were parted among Halifax and Sydney, N.S. Moncton has never facilitated the World Juniors. The 2023 맥스벳 competition was initially wanted to be held in Russia, with Novosibirsk and Omsk as the two host urban areas. Nonetheless, because of Russia’s attack of Ukraine, their privileges were pulled by the IIHF.

2023 World Juniors chances

As indicated by Sports Collaboration, the 2023 competition is a four-horse race.

Canada, Finland, the US and Sweden are the unmistakable leaders to win the current year’s competition, with the Canadians holding the best chances at – 119.