2022 NFL Players Aggregates: Over/Under Passing, Hurrying and Getting Yards

2022 NFL Players Aggregates: Over/Under Passing, Hurrying and Getting Yards


We will see games that matter in the NFL on our televisions in a flash, so we should proceed with our gander at the NFL Prospects markets and three of the most famous NFL Players Sums for Passing yards, Surging yards, and Getting yards.

Dissimilar to certain Prospects markets where there is only one champ and the rest failures, these three Sums markets are decent on the grounds that you can put everything on the line or the Under and basically have a half possibility winning and not need to abandon it early, except if injury obviously.

The Passing yards Players Sums at the top US sportsbooks are all QBs, while the Surging yards Players Aggregates has a greater part of RBs with some QBs sprinkled in with the Getting yards market seeing essentially WRs and TEs.
The QB with the most elevated expected 2021-22 NFL Customary Season Passing Complete is Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers at 4,700½ yards, last season, the Bolts phenom tossed for 5,014 yards (38 TDs) with star WR Keenan Allen his essential objective.

The RB with the normal Surging Yards Complete higher than some other player is the Colts Jonathan Taylor, at 1,450 yards. He will be a workhorse for Indianapolis in the frail AFC South and this is an omni group ready to have a decent year. Taylor can get 1,800 yards.

The Beneficiary with the most elevated Complete of expected Getting yards is a WR, Justin Jefferson of the Vikings (1,400.5 yds) who is recorded 100 yards higher than Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp of the Rams (1,300.5 yds). I like Kupp’s Over as he ought to have another legendary season.

2022 NFL Passing Yards Players Aggregates Chances

  • Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers Over 4,700½ – 115, Under 4,700½ – 115
  • Tom Brady, Tampa Sound Marauders Over 4,650½ – 115, Under 4,650½ – 115
  • Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Bosses Over 4,650½ – 115, Under 4,650½ – 115
  • Derek Carr, Las Vegas Thieves Over 4,550½ – 115, Under 4,550½ – 115
  • Joe Tunnel, Cincinnati Bengals Over 4,450½ – 115, Under 4,450½ – 115
  • Josh Allen, Bison Bills Over 4,400½ – 115, Under 4,400½ – 115
  • Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowpokes Over 4,400½ – 115, Under 4,400½ – 115
  • Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams Over 4,300½ – 115, Under 4,300½ – 115
  • Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings Over 4,200½ – 115, Under 4,200½ – 115
  • Russell Wilson, Denver Horses Over 4,100½ – 115, Under 4,100½ – 115
  • Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Panthers Over 4,000½ – 115, Under 4,000½ – 115
  • Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals Over 4,000½ – 115, Under 4,000½ – 115
  • Aaron Rodgers, Green Sound Packers Over 4,000½ – 115, Under 4,000½ – 115

Herbert, Carr, Allen Expected to Have High Passing Yards

The QB with the most passing yards last 2021-22 NFL Customary Season was the Marauders Tom Brady, with the ever-enduring miracle wrapping up with 5,316 yards (43 TDs) as he drove Tampa Narrows to the NFC End of the 피나클 season  games then resigned before un-resigning something like a month after the fact.


In this Passing yards Players’ Sums market, future Corridor of Famer Brady is lined at 4,650½ yards, approximately 676 yards short of what he set up last season in the 17 Ordinary Season games he played and began (13-4-0). Yet, is he a decent wagered to go Over or Under is the issue.

QB Matthew Stafford and the guarding Super Bowl champion Rams (11/1 to win Super Bowl LVII) lost WR Odell Beckham, yet added Allen Robinson II (Bears), and with the best WR in the game in Cooper Kupp, Stafford (4,300½) had 4,886 Passing yards in 2022-22.  READ MORE

Thus, his All out is 5,436 yards not exactly the Georgia item set up last season, and with a terrible Elbow, it’s difficult to be too certain about Stafford here albeit the Rams Tight Finishes reinforcement WRs will be much surprisingly useful.

Patrick Mahomes of the Bosses is at 4,650½ Passing yards and last season he tossed for 4,8339, yet that was with speedster Tyreek Slope who is presently gone and in Miami ensuring gave veteran TE Travis Kelce the new go-to fellow in Kansas City.
No QB has three better Collectors (Davante Adams, Tracker Renfrow, Darren Waller) than Derek Carr (4,550½) does in Transgression City, and last season the Fresno State item wrapped up with 4,804 yards as he began each of the 17 Standard Season games for the Silver and Dark. Might he at any point be a worth play for this NFL Players Sums prop bet?

Joe Tunnel (4,450½) drove the AFC winner Bengals the entire way to the Super Bowl last season and he has one of the most mind-blowing weapons in the NFL in WR Ja’Marr Pursue, yet will he make it close to the 4,611 passing yards he got done with last season in the 16 games he began.

Charges QB Josh Allen (4,400½) is likewise recorded in the Surging Yards market and the Wyoming item has a pleasant expansion in Bison in enormous TE OJ Howard, and with WR Stephon Diggs and Gabriel Davis, Alen — who had 4,407 Passing yards last season — will be extremely close.

2022 NFL Hurrying Yards — Players Sums Chances

  • Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts Over 1,450½ – 115, Under 1,450½ – 115
  • Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans Over 1,350½ – 115, Under 1,350½ – 115
  • Scratch Chubb, Cleveland Browns Over 1,200½ – 115, Under 1,175½ – 115
  • Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings Over 1,175½ – 115, Under 1,175½ – 115
  • Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals Over 1,100½ – 115, Under 1,100½ – 115
  • Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers Over 1,100½ – 115, Under 1,100½ – 115
  • Javonte Wlliams, Denver Horses Over 950½ – 115, Under 950½ – 115
  • Elijah Mitchell, San Francisco 49ers Over 925½ – 115, Under 925½ – 115
  • Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens Over 900½ – 115, Under 900½ – 115
  • Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Jaguars Over 900½ – 115, Under 900½ – 115
  • Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams Over 875½ – 115, Under 875½ – 115
  • Saquon Barkley, New York Goliaths Over 875½ – 115, Under 875½ – 115
  • Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cattle rustlers Over 875½ – 115, Under 875½ – 115
  • Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Hawks Over 875½ – 115, Under 875½ – 115
  • David Montgomery, Chicago Bears Over 850½ – 115, Under 850½ – 115
  • DeAndre Quick, Detroit Lions Over 850½ – 115, Under 850½ – 115
  • James Conner, Arizona Cardinals Over 825½ – 115, Under 825½ – 115
  • Damien Harris, New Britain Nationalists Over 825½ – 115, Under 825½ – 115
  • Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers Over 800½ – 115, Under 800½ – 115
  • Leonard Fournette, Tampa Inlet Pirates Over 800½ – 115, Under 800½ – 115

Foals Phenom Taylor Might Approach 2,000 Surging Yards Imprint

The Surging yards Players Sums market sees the Colts Jonathan Taylor at 1,450½ Complete Hurrying Yards, and I thoroughly consider backing him is a savvy bet heading into the season as Indianapolis added QB Matt Ryan (Birds of prey) and have an exceptionally Gifted Hostile line.

Taylor (Wisconsin) and the Yearlings additionally play in the most terrible Division in the NFL, the AFC South, and that implies four games against the Pumas (0-8 Out and about in 2021) and Texans, the last option viewed by a larger number of people as the most awful group in the association this season. We will before long see.

Derrick Henry (1,350½) gets back from injury for the Titans, yet might the Alabama item at any point remain without injury in Tennessee this Ordinary Season? In the event that you figure he can, his NFL Players All out bet is something to think about truly.
Browns RB Scratch Chubb (1,200½) is 150 yards not as much as Henry however in a harder Division (NFC North). Notwithstanding, he appears to be a superior wagered.

The Vikings Dalvin Cook (1,175½) will carry the stone a lot of in the Place that is known for 10,000 Lakes and One Purple Football crew, however previously mentioned WR Jefferson as well as underestimated WR Adam Thielen will get their portion of Focuses for the Vikings from Cousins so watch out.

Sure-Gave Cupp Worth Thoroughly search in Getting Yards Player Sums

Trustworthy Enormous Sky Gathering item Cooper Kupp (Eastern Washington) was the main getting yards player in the NFL in 2021, finishing with 1,947 yards in the standard season.

The 6-2 expert course sprinter was designated more than some other recipient in the association.

Kupp likewise had the most noteworthy Catch Rate in the NFL (75.3%) and he played in every one of the 17 Rams Ordinary Season games in 2021, so a 2,000-yard season and the here certainly isn’t impossible on the off chance that he remains sound. He will get tossed the ball and he won’t drop it.

He drove the Rams to a success in Super Bowl LVI 맥스벳  and was named Super Bowl MVP after finishing the game with 8 Gatherings and 2 TDs. Taking a gander at the 1,300½ appears to be low for a man who might actually arrive at the 2,000-yard mark in Lalaland for this excellent NFL group.

Travis Kelce will be tossed to more from Mahomes in Kansas City with WR Slope gone at this point. Kelce had 92 gets last Standard Season — 53 not exactly Kupp, and was designated multiple times less — and with KC expected to shift focus over to their ground game more, this one is a pass.

CeeDee Sheep is currently the essential Beneficiary for the Cattle rustlers (22/1 to win Super Bowl LVII) with Amari Cooper gone and Michael Gallup stumbled and the Oklahoma item wrapped up with 79 Gatherings (#22) so bettor’s be careful and the Cowpokes Old is truly beat up at this point.

Davante Adams was #2 in the NFL in Gatherings (123) and had Aaron Rodgers tossing to him in Green Narrows and presently he will play with companion Derek Carr here in Las Vegas yet will divide Gatherings and Yards with WR Tracker Renfrow and mended TE Darren Waller.

The Bills Stefon Diggs (1,200½) was #9 in the 2021-22 NFL Customary Season and he finished with 103 Gatherings and 1,225 yards however Diggs didn’t take care of QB Allen and had an exceptionally poor 62.8% Catch rate, the most terrible of the players in the NFL’s all’s Main 10 in Gatherings.

22 year-old Ja’Marr Pursue got done with only 81 Gatherings in 2021 (#20) and in this NFL Players Sums market, is lined at 1,255½ yards, so the incline there would be to the Under with Tunnel getting sacked to such an extent.