4 Worst Super Bowl MVP Winners of All Time

4 Worst Super Bowl MVP Winners of All Time

Is there a preferred honor in the NFL over Super Bowl MVP? Each player fantasies about winning the Super Bowl, yet what number of are adequately fortunate to call themselves the Most Valuable Player of the Big Game? They were the best player in the greatest round of the time, and normally the greatest round of their whole vocations.


While typically evident, it’s significant that is not generally the situation. Once in a while, the Super Bowl MVP goes to a player that doesn’t merit the honor. It very well may be for different variables, however normally, this is on the grounds that the game didn’t have a champion player.

The best NFL wagering locales permit you to wager on who will win the MVP every year, and it could pay to consider some fresh possibilities. Recalling the most obviously terrible Super Bowl MVP champs in NFL history is a decent beginning.

4. Toss Howley – Super Bowl V

Hurl Howley was a prevailing linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys in the last part of the 1960s. Howley made the All-Pro first group five straight seasons, including 1970. The Cowboys qualified for their most memorable Super Bowl in establishment history.

Dallas confronted the Baltimore Colts, who were searching for their most memorable title in the wake of losing Super Bowl III in perhaps of the best Super Bowl in association history. Baltimore came in as (- 2.5) point number one, while the over/under sat at 36 places.

It was an extremely peaceful beginning, with each group going three-and-out on their most memorable belonging. On the Colts’ subsequent belonging, Howley made some meaningful difference. He blocked Johnny Unitas, returning it into Colts region.
The Cowboys neglected to take advantage after punishments constrained them into a third and long. That turnover was the antecedent to one of the ugliest games in NFL history. Dallas held a 13-6 lead at halftime, however the final part was a wreck.

It seemed like each belonging finished with a turnover or dropkick. Nobody scored in the second from last quarter, yet Howley kept his second capture attempt in the final quarter.

Baltimore scored 10 focuses in the final quarter to win 16-13. It was one of the greatest Super Bowl disturbs the NFL has at any point seen.

The game highlighted 11 turnovers, with seven coming from Baltimore. That is the reason Howley turned into the primary player from the horrible omni group to win Super Bowl MVP.

Howley wouldn’t acknowledge the honor since his group lost. There were numerous appalling plays in this Super Bowl, so it’s difficult to say who ought to have been won Super Bowl MVP. It ought to have been basically been somebody from the Colts.

Tight end John Mackey probably had a decent contention. Mackey got a 75-yard score in the subsequent quarter. Yearlings running back Tom Nowatzke had 78 scrimmage yards and a score.

This is the main time the Super Bowl MVP came from the horrible group, so don’t wager on that event.

3. Dexter Jackson – Super Bowl XXXVII

In 2002, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers utilized a prevailing guard to make a Super Bowl run. Tampa Bay wasn’t among the top picks in the end of the season games, yet they came to the Super Bowl.

Wellbeing Dexter Jackson played in each of the 16 games, recording three captures and six passes shielded. When the Super Bowl moved around, Jackson was very nearly the round of his life.

The Buccaneers were a (+3.0) direct longshot toward the Oakland Raiders. Oakland had a tip top offense, drove by MVP Rich Gannon. Jackson and the Tampa Bay protection lowered Gannon throughout the evening.

Oakland opened the game with a field objective, however their offense immediately went calm. Toward the finish of the principal quarter, Jackson took out Gannon. That prompted a field objective to give the Buccaneers a 6-3 lead.

Each cautious back fantasies about having a capture in the 원엑스벳  Super Bowl. All things considered, what about two? Jackson recorded his second capture on the resulting drive. Tampa Bay couldn’t change over, going three-and-out.

That set the vibe for a prevailing presentation from the Buccaneers. They held a 34-3 lead in the second from last quarter. Oakland scored 18 straight focuses, yet the Buccaneers finished the game with a couple of pick-sixes. The 48-21 last score put this among the most elevated scoring Super Bowls ever.

With a predominant protective presentation, somebody on Tampa Bay’s safeguard planned to win MVP. Jackson at last won the honor, yet would it be a good idea for him to have won? We should look at Dwight Smith’s presentation.

  • 2 block attempts
  • 4 handles
  • 2 scores

Simeon Rice had five handles and two sacks. Probably, Rice fell a couple of votes short in the fan vote. It seems like most fans cast their vote early on the grounds that Jackson’s block attempt came in the primary half. Smith’s captures were in the last part.

Rice and Smith had a greater effect, however Jackson left with Super Bowl MVP.


2. Harvey Martin and Randy White – Super Bowl XII

The 1977 Dallas Cowboys were a furious unit on the two sides of the ball. They drove the association in hostile and guarded yards while averaging the second-most focuses per game. They had an extraordinary guarded line secured by Harvey Martin and Randy White.

Dallas was among the best groups in the association the entire season, and they didn’t dial back in the end of the season games. They were a (- 6.0) point number one over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII.

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Denver was dropping down the field on their most memorable drive, yet they lost 11 yards after White got his most memorable sack of the game. This constrained the Broncos out of field objective reach. CHECK HERE

Martin and White joined to make a major play on the resulting drive. They at the same time hit Broncos quarterback Craig Morton. The hit caused an unstable pass, prompting a capture. The Cowboys traded out with the main score of the game.

The Cowboys’ guard ruled in the principal half, giving them a 13-0 lead. Denver made it a 10-point game in the final quarter, yet Martin came up huge with a sack and constrained bobble. Dallas scored on the following play, actually finishing the game.

Probably, the fans needed to cast a ballot every one of the 11 starters on the Cowboys’ safeguard as the MVP. The NFL didn’t permit it, and on second thought, we got Martin and White. The two players were fundamental in the Cowboys’ triumph, however would they say they were the best players?

Randy Hughes had an interference and a couple of bumble recuperations. Aaron Kyle likewise had a block attempt and bobble recuperation. They prompted 17 of the Cowboys’ 27 places.

I’m supportive of somebody on the Cowboys’ guard winning Super Bowl MVP, yet essentially make it one player. Whether it’s Martin, White, Hughes, or Kyle, it ought to have been one player, not two.

1. Fred Biletnikoff – Super Bowl XI

One season before Harvey Martin and Randy White were co-MVPs, we had a far and away more terrible MVP in Super Bowl XI. This matchup included the Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Vikings.

Oakland was a juggernaut in 1976, completing the season 13-1. They had a predominant passing game with Cliff Branch and Dave Casper making the All-Pro first-group. Further down the profundity graph, we track down Fred Biletnikoff. Look at his numbers from the standard season.

  • 43 gatherings
  • 551 yards
  • 7 scores

He was an extraordinary collector thriving, however Biletnikoff was arriving at the finish of his profession.

Biletnikoff had a couple of gets in the second quarter that put the Raiders on the objective line. His previously was a five-yard get that prompted a one-yard score get by Casper. Later in the principal half, Biletnikoff had a 17-yard get that set up a one-yard score run. Oakland took a 16-0 lead into halftime.

Minnesota moved nearer with a score in the second from last quarter, however Oakland held an agreeable noteworthy lead. Biletnikoff started off the final quarter with a 48-yard get. That prompted a two-yard score run.

That basically wrapped things up. The Raiders won 윈윈벳  Super Bowl XI 32-14, with Biletnikoff bringing back home MVP. Biletnikoff set up four gatherings for 79 yards. I realize his gets set up huge plays, however is that Super Bowl commendable?

Look at Clarence Davis’ numbers:

  • 16 conveys
  • 137 yards

Maybe his absence of score hurt his possibilities, however Biletnikoff neglected to find the end zone.

I’m certain the Raiders wouldn’t fret who won Super Bowl MVP. They handily covered the (- 6.0) point spread and almost went over the point absolute all alone. Biletnikoff’s large gatherings were sufficient to make him Super Bowl MVP.

  • Respectable Mentions – Other Bad Super Bowl MVPs
  • Terry Bradshaw – Super Bowl XIV
  • Len Dawson – Super Bowl IV

Terry Bradshaw tossed for 309 yards and two scores to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to a triumph in Super Bowl XIV. Those are extraordinary numbers, however three block attempts cut it down. John Stallworth might have won MVP with 121 getting yards and a score.

Len Dawson posted a humble 142 passing yards, one score, and one capture detail line in Super Bowl IV. Nobody on the Kansas City Chiefs offense had a major exhibition, so he was the simple decision.

The Super Bowl MVP ought to go to the best player in the Super Bowl. These players showed that is not generally the situation.
Fortunately, we haven’t seen an undeserving Super Bowl MVP in some time.

At the point when the Big Game rolls around straightaway, it’s presumably still really smart to recall that the player you think will win will not necessarily get approval. Remember estimating while choosing where to wager on the Super Bowl, as well, and ensure you’re utilizing the most trustworthy locales on the web.