NBA Over/Under Trends: Teams to Watch According to Venue, Betting Status

NBA Over/Under Trends: Teams to Watch According to Venue, Betting Status

Over Under Betting Trends NBA Background

Hornets, Cavaliers lose longshot mantra with upgrades
Heat flourish in the longshot job
Heroes still strong home #1 in spite of ongoing battles
ATS as a Home Favorite:

1. New Orleans (4-1-1) – Cover rate – 80%.

New Orleans Pelicans Logo

The Pelicans are 1-1-1 as a home number one in their last three open doors as the success came over the Los Angeles Clipper back on Jan. 13. In that game, New Orleans was inclined toward by (- 3.5) and leaped out to a 28-15 lead after one quarter and the Pelicans were rarely truly undermined.

Before that, they likewise covered a (- 1) in Smoothie King Center when Golden State rested Stephen Curry and was missing Draymond Green because of a physical issue.

2. San Antonio (7-3-0) – 70%

San Antonio Spurs Logo

The Spurs opened the season as a (- 7) #1 at home and impacted the Orlando Magic, 123-97. San Antonio takes care of its last two as a home most loved when the Spurs crushed Oklahoma City, 118-96, on Jan. 19 as they were leaned toward by (- 7) which was four days after they covered a (- 1.5) in a 101-94 success of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Watch Dejounte Murray had a triple-twofold of 23 places, 10 bounce back, and 14 aids the success over the Thunder and he had 18 focuses, six sheets, and nine aids the success over LA.

3. Charlotte (6-3-0) – 66.7%

Charlotte Hornets Logo

The Hornets are 4-1-0 as a home most loved tracing all the way back to their 123-99 success over the Houston Rockets on Dec. 23 where they were inclined toward by (- 8). Perhaps the most great over was the primary round of a consecutive against the World Champion Milwaukee Bucks on Jan. 8 where Charlotte posted a (- 1.5) number and took a 114-106 success.

The Hornets endured 43 focuses and 12 bounce back from Giannis Antetokounmpo as they got to the line multiple times and thumped down 24 of those free tosses. Terry Rozier drove Charlotte with 28.

4. Brilliant State (16-8-2) – 66.7%

Brilliant State Warriors LogoThe Warriors are 3-3-1 in January in this situation as possibly the shooting battles of Stephen Curry have played with the numbers as well as giving the Dubs misfortunes. Brilliant State covered its (- 3.5) spread at home on Monday in impacting Dallas, 130-92. Curry got done with 18 focuses as seven 벳무브  Warriors scored twofold digits and Jonathan Kuminga drove with 22.

5. Chicago (12-6-0) – 66.7%

Chicago Bulls Logo

As the Bulls have been one of the unexpected groups in the association this season, Chicago has safeguarded its home floor well in posting a 17-6 record which has saturated into the capacity of the Bulls to cover as a home number one. Chicago takes care of its last two as a home number one with a 111-105 success as a (- 4.5) #1.


Likewise, they were a (- 13.5) number one in a 133-87 win over the Pistons on Jan. 11.
A pattern to watch is the point at which the Rockets, Thunder, Magic, and Pistons are street groups, there’s a decent shot that the host group will be leaned toward and covered as these groups have the NBA’s most obviously terrible four records. CHECK HERE


ATS as a Road Favorite:

1. Memphis (4-1-0) – 80% Cover rate

Memphis Grizzlies Logo

The Grizzlies played the away most loved’s job to San Antonio on Wednesday night as they are giving (- 4) and managed the Spurs with a 118-110 triumph. They were last a street number one (- 2.5) in Dallas on Jan. 14 and were smothered, 112-85. With Ja Morant and his proceeding with capacity to control a game, finding the Grizzlies as a #1 out and about brings an enticing situation.

2. Boston (6-3-0) – 66.7%

Boston Celtics Logo

The Celtics covered as a (- 2.5) #1 on Sunday in a 116-87 win over the Washington Wizards. You need to return to Nov. 28 to figure out the last opportunity the Celtics were leaned toward out and about and canvassed as it arrived in a 109-97 win in Toronto as Boston came in as a 2-point #1.

3. New York (6-3-0) – 66.7%

New York Knicks Logo

The Knicks as of late didn’t cover two open doors as they were leaned toward by (- 4) in New Orleans on Jan. 20 and lost a 102-91 choice to the Pelicans. Likewise, they were leaned toward by (- 2.5) in Charlotte on Nov. 17 and the Hornets produced a 97-87 triumph. New York covered consecutive street games on Dec. 28 and 29.

The Knicks were a (- 5) number one in a 96-88 win over the Timberwolves on Dec. 28 and they returned solid on the 29th in dominating the Pistons, 94-85, as the Knicks scarcely covered the (- 8.5) number.

4. Phoenix (12-6-0) – 66.7%

Phoenix Suns Logo

The Suns are 38-9 by and large as they keep on taking care of the best record in the 스보벳  NBA, even as DeAndre Ayton keeps on being out with a lower leg injury. Phoenix is 19-4 away from Footprint Arena SU, however the Suns are a curious 12-6-0 ATS in those games as a street number one. They covered (- 2.5) on Jan. 20 in Dallas with a 109-101 triumph as they covered the keep going four games on that new excursion as a #1. They just missed by (.5) in the opener of that five-game swing as they were leaned toward by (- 4.5) in Toronto and dominated the Raptors, 99-95.

5. Dallas (7-4-0) – 63.6%

Dallas Mavericks Logo

Luka Doncic had a triple-twofold (15/10/15) as the Mavericks brought down Portland, 132-112, in Mode Center on Wednesday night. Dallas covered a (- 5) as it was the Mavs’ most memorable street cover as a number one since Jan. 7 when they were leaned toward by (- 3) in Houston and grounded the Rockets, 130-106.


ATS as a Home Underdog:

1. Miami (4-1-0) – 100 percent Cover rate

Miami Heat Logo

Heat Culture establishes that the Miami Heat are succeeding at such a high clasp that they are only occasionally longshots, considerably less at home. The last success as a dark horse was on Dec. 21 when they were a (+2.5) dark horse at home and impacted Indiana, 125-86. The drained program because of COVID-19 was the explanation that Miami was a ‘canine in this game.

Prior to that on Dec. 11, Miami covered (+2.5) as they brought down the super hot Bulls, 118-92.

2. Boston (2-0-1) – 100 percent

Boston Celtics Logo

The Celtics have been exceptionally normal this season as they are at present 25-24, yet are 7-3 SU in their last ten games. Boston gave perhaps its maximum effort of the time as the Celtics were (+3.5) on New Year’s Eve and took a 123-108 choice versus the Phoenix Suns. Jaylan Brown had 24 focuses and 11 loads up as Boston took a 67-41 lead at halftime.

3. Charlotte (9-2-0) – 81.8%

Charlotte Hornets Logo

The Hornets are 8-3 SU over their last 11 games and are seeming to be a strong season finisher group as they have moved into seventh and are just 2.0 games off Philadelphia for 6th. You need to return to the two games in here days versus the Bucks where we can see the Hornets win as a home dark horse.

They were posted at (+2.5) and took a 103-99 success. The Hornets began the season at 5-1-0 as a home dark horse which incorporated a 106-102 win over Golden State as the Bees were getting (+6).

4. Cleveland (7-3-0) – 70%

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

The Cavaliers are 8-1-0 SU tracing all the way back to a 109-108 success over Sacramento on Jan. 10. Cleveland covered (+4) on Wednesday night as the Cavaliers down the Milwaukee Bucks, 115-99 behind 19 three-pointers, including six from Cedi Osman. Cleveland was similar as Charlotte in that they were longshots right on time until they began to win and show improvement.

They were 3-2-0 over the initial five games in this situation in the principal month of the time.

5. Oklahoma City (13-6-2) – 68.4%

Oklahoma City Thunder Logo 101×101

It’s another disintegrating season for the Thunder as they have now lost 11 out of their last 12 games, yet they truly do play alright at home to think about them as a cover ATS. OKC is 0-0-2 in its last two games as a home dark horse as they were at (+1) on Wednesday night and revitalized prior to dropping a 111-110 choice versus the Bulls.

On Jan 15, they were (+5) and lost to Cleveland, 107-102. OKC shrouded three in succession from Dec. 18-22 with prevails upon the Clippers where the Thunder got (+4.5), Memphis (+9), and the Nuggets (+6.5)


ATS as a Road Underdog

1. Miami (9-3-0) – 75% Cover Rate

Miami Heat Logo

Heat Culture additionally directs winning out and about, yet Miami was getting (+1.5) on Jan. 21 and dropped a 110-108 misfortune in Atlanta. The Heat neglected to cover as Miami mobilized from 18 focuses down and almost got the success. This matched their last success as a street longshot as it was unexpectedly in Atlanta where Miami was a (+2.5) dark horses and won out and out, 115-91.

The Heat had amazed Phoenix, 123-100, four evenings before in Footprint Arena where they were (+9.5) longshot and won behind 33 focuses from Tyler Herro.

2. Philadelphia (9-4-0) – 69.2%

Philadelphia 76ers Logo

The Sixers’ last success as a street dark horse came on Jan. 15 when they were selected with (+3) chances and afterward went out and took a 109-98 triumph as Joel Embiid got done with 32 focuses and scored 25 in the last part. Presently, that is Philadelphia’s just cover as such in 2022. On Dec. 30, the 76ers beat Brooklyn altogether subsequent to getting chances at (+5).

3. Cleveland (11-5-1) – 68.6%

Cleveland Cavaliers Logo

The Cavaliers have a similar situation as Cleveland was 8-3-1 as a street dark horse through Dec. 3. As of late, the Cavs were (+5) at Utah on Nov. 12 and took a 111-91 success over the Jazz. Darius Garland had his most memorable triple-twofold with 11 places, 10 bounce back, and 15 helps.

4. Indiana (11-5-1) – 68.6%

Indiana Pacers Logo

The Pacers covered three of the last four street games as a street longshot and two of those were through and through covers when they crushed the Los Angeles Lakers, 111-104 while getting (+3.5) and afterward they were a (+16.5) dark horse at Golden State and outlived the Warriors, 121-117, in OT.

Indiana takes care of five of its seven games as a street longshot since the schedule changed to 2022.

5. Utah (2-1-1) – 66.7%

San Antonio Spurs Logo

The Jazz are not really a dark horse anyplace, yet with Donovan Mitchell experiencing a lower back injury and entering blackout convention, Utah is 4-10 SU starting around 2022 started. Utah is 0-2-1 in the street longshot ATS job since Jan. 1.