The Best Super Bowl 54 Player Prop Bets

The Best Super Bowl 54 Player Prop Bets

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Super Bowl 54 keeps on moving close and with the NFL’s major event scheduled for February 2, 2020, at the Hard Rock Stadium, the Super Bowl Bets have begun to run the wagering locales.

Beside the ordinary wagers on Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under, incalculable Proposition Bets have grown out. These prop wagers incorporate wagers connected with the singing of the public song of praise, halftime show, cross games wagers, and player prop wagers. For this article, we will zero in on the player prop wagers.

Player prop wagers are wagers made on the possible result for a player during a specific game. These wagers are ordinarily Over/Under wagers on a specific detail line for a particular player. We will concentrate on the more famous player prop wagers and these are the ones that include the essential hostile measurements in American Football: passing, getting and surging.

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Quarterback Prop Bets

The most famous player prop wagers for any Super Bowl are the Quarterback Prop Bets. The QB is many times the most well known player in the group and is the most vital situation in the football field. The quarterback prop wagers comprise of over/under wagers for the QB’s measurements during the game. These incorporate absolute passing yard, score passes tossed, passes finished and passes endeavored. For Super Bowl 54, here are the ongoing quarterback prop wagers from BetOnline starting around 1/27/20:

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards

Over 305.5 (- 135)
Under 305.5 (+105)
Patrick Mahomes passed for 321 yards in the divisional round however he just wrapped up with 291 passing yards in the AFC title game. During the standard season, Mahomes passed for a sum of 4,031 yards in 14 games played or a normal of 287.93 passing yards per game. He went more than 300 yards in portion of the games he played and five of those occurred during the initial five rounds of the time.

Jimmy Garoppolo Passing Yards

Over 239.5 (- 120)
Under 239.5 (- 110)

Jimmy G passed for 131 yards against the Vikings and just finished six of eight passes for 88 yards during the NFC title game against the Packers. Garoppolo passed for a sum of 3,978 yards in 16 standard season games began or a normal of 248.62 during the year. He went over 239.5 passing yards in seven out of his last nine standard season games played.

Patrick Mahomes Passing Touchdowns

Over 2.5 (- 120)
Under 2.5 (+100)

Mahomes had 8 passing TDs in his initial two season finisher 원엑스벳  games played this season. The 2018 MVP tossed five TDs against Houston and one more three against Tennessee. During the customary season, Mahomes tossed multiple scores in just two of his last 11 games played.

Jimmy Garoppolo Passing Touchdowns

Over 1.5 (- 115)
Under 1.5 (- 115)

Garoppolo made them pass score against Minnesota and he didn’t toss a score pass against the Packers. During the standard season, Garoppolo tossed a sum of 27 scores in 16 games began or a normal of 1.68 passing TDs per game. He tossed one or no scores in four out of his five games began.


Patrick Mahomes Pass Completions

Over 24.5 (- 125)
Under 24.5 (- 105)
Patrick Mahomes finished a sum of 46 passes in his initial two season finisher games this season. Mahomes finished 23 of 35 passes in every one of those two postseason games. During the standard season, Mahomes finished a sum of 319 passes in a sum of 14 games played. He beat 24 culminations in just six games, with three of those during the initial three weeks of the time.

Jimmy Garoppolo Pass consummations

Over 18.5 (- 125)
Under 18.5 (- 105)

Jimmy G finished a sum of 17 passes in his initial two season finisher games. click here  He finished 329 passes in 16 games or a sum of 20.56 per game during the year. Garoppolo beat 18.5 fulfillments in just two out of his last six games played. Jimmy G has not finished more than 18.5 passes in four out of his last six games played.

Patrick Mahomes Pass Attempts

Over 35.5 (- 125)
Under 35.5 (- 105)

Mahomes has tossed the ball multiple times each during the initial two rounds of the end of the season games. During the normal season, Mahomes arrived at the midpoint of 22.78 pass endeavors per game and he beat 35.5 passes just two times in his last six games played during the customary season.

Jimmy Garoppolo Pass Attempts

Over 29.5 (+115)
Under 29.5 (- 150)

Garoppolo just tossed a sum of 27 passes joined in his initial two season finisher 스보벳  games this season. Jimmy G. endeavored 476 absolute passes in 16 games played. He bested 29.5 pass endeavors in just seven out of 16 standard season games this season.

You can make your pick utilizing our factual examination of each quarterback prop bet however if you were to ask me, I would actually go for Patrick Mahomes passing UNDER 305.5 yards at Super Bowl 54. Mahomes has disregarded 305 yards only multiple times in his last 11 games played and the Chiefs will be facing a San Francisco protection that positions first in the NFL in Passing Yards at 169.2 yards per game during the customary season and 211 yards for each game in two season finisher games.


Mahomes Under 305.5 Passing Yards

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Beneficiary Prop Bets

Like the quarterback prop wagers, you can find a lot of beneficiary prop wagers at BetOnline and you can make your examination utilizing standard season and season finisher details which you can track down effectively in the NFL’s webpage or from any major wearing website out there. At BetOnline, there are recipient prop wagers for a few players including Emmanuel Sanders, George Kittle, Sammy Watkins, Damien Williams, Travis Kelce, Deebo Samuel, Tyreek Hill, Kendrick Bourne, Demarcus Robinson, Blake Bell, and Mecole Hardman. You can wager on either those players all out getting yards, all out gatherings or longest gathering. Kindly take a look at BetOnline to see all wagers yet as far as I might be concerned, the one that stands apart is Travis Kelce’s complete gets:

Travis Kelce Total Receptions

North of 6 (- 125)
Under 6 (- 105)

Kelce is Patrick Mahomes’ top recipient as he drove the Chiefs in getting yards with 1,229 ( fourth in the NFL) with 97 gets (eighth in the NFL). I mean this person is the paste for the Kansas City passing game and he has gotten something like six passes in 11 out of the 18 games he’s played for the current year. Kelce just found 3 passes during the AFC title game against the Titans however he had 10 gatherings against the Texans. I realize that the 49ers have the best pass protection in the association yet if the Chiefs have any desire to win the Super Bowl, they will require Mahomes to be Mahomes. In the greatest game, I anticipate that the Chiefs should incline toward their greatest strength and that is Mahomes’ passing. At the point when Mahomes is in his passing component, six gets is easy for Travis Kelce.

Chances 125

North of 6 Receptions
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Surging Prop Bets

As in recipient prop wagers, surging prop wagers don’t simply apply to the running backs yet to any player on the field who may ( or may not?) rush the ball during the game. This isn’t my #1 player prop bet since surging details will most presumably rely upon which group dominates the match so you likewise need extra examination. At the point when a group runs the ball, it east up the time and this is simply profitable to the group which has the lead. The group which is following should make progress quick to get up to speed and that implies they should do as such through the air. At any rate, here is my #1 surging prop wagered for Super Bowl 54. This was likewise taken from BetOnline. For the total show, you might go to the online sportbook BetOnline website:

Raheem Mostert Rushing Yards

Over 69.5 (- 115)
Under 69.5 (- 105)

The San Francisco 49ers positioned second in the NFL in hurrying yards during the normal season. Raheem Mostert scrambled for 220 yards during the NFC title game and that was a colossal game for him. In any case, Mostert scrambled for no less than 69 yards just a sum of multiple times during the year. In any case, recall that San Francisco’s lead back Tevin Coleman experienced a physical issue during the Green Bay game and that is the way in to this bet. There is no word yet on Coleman’s status for the game yet in the event that he doesn’t play, this is a decent wagered. Kansas City positioned in the Bottom 10 in hurrying yards for each game permitted.