Russell Westbrook Pregame Outfit Betting Guide

Russell Westbrook Pregame Outfit Betting Guide

The NBA is brimming with brilliant characters, however not even one of them are so exceptionally abnormal as Russell Westbrook. This everything star point monitor is known for his pregame outfits that have such a wide scope of ridiculousness that it is difficult to catch in only one article.

In any case, on the grounds that these outfits are silly doesn’t mean they are not valuable or even prognosticative. In all honesty, there is much of the time an immediate connection to Westbrook’s pregame closet decision and the aftereffects of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s b-ball 토즈토토  game sometime thereafter.

To get familiar with these relationships, how about we investigate probably the most ludicrous presentations of dress that Westbrook brings to the table and what they could mean. We don’t ensure that these outfit ends will constantly assist you with winning your wagers, however the best way to know how viable they are without a doubt is to give them a shot.

Russell Nerdbrook

Russell Westbrook Wearing a Nerd Outfit

One of the most well-known outfits that Westbrook will wear before a game is a geek outfit. You could feel that he does this to look brilliant, however he truly possibly dresses like this when he realizes he is going to get a triple-twofold.

Westbrook has more triple-pairs when he wears these geeky garments than some other time. An additional a reward is the point at which he wears a clasp on tie, and that implies you realize he isn’t tolerating any garbage that day. Assuming you figure out how to get him on one of those interesting evenings when he has a pocket defender on, you should put everything on the line betting on the Thunder to win that evening. In the event that he doesn’t proceed true to form on these geeky evenings, you can without much of a stretch give him a wedgie at his storage after the game and request that he surrenders his lunch cash.

Russell Rockbrook

Russell Westbrook Wearing a Slayer Tshirt

The second most normal kind of outfit that Westbrook likes to brandish before a game is the hero outfit. This will as a rule include a shirt highlighting one of his number one groups and some tore pants to wipe out any possibility looking in any capacity whatsoever good.

Typically, the possibly time when Russell wears these hero outfits is the point at which he is diverted by considerations about things that are not related ball, like cupcakes. How much consideration he gets while wearing these ludicrous groups holds him back from getting his head in the game, and he is never in the zone on these evenings. We suggest keeping away from any wagers on the Thunder when Russell is in hero mode.

Russell Manpurse

Russell Westbrook Carrying a Manpurse

One of the most well-known extras you will see Russell wearing is known as a man tote. It’s similar to a man bun, with the exception of significantly seriously irritating. What does this sketchy little heap of cowhide mean at the end of the day?

After a huge load of meticulous examination, we have observed that Westbrook possibly welcomes these senseless little packs on gameday when he neglected to clean his teeth that morning. For what reason did he neglect to clean his teeth? Indeed, his psyche was so centered around the game 스보벳  coming up that day that it escaped his attention. Therefore, we suggest wagering on the Thunder’s prosperity at whatever point he has a man handbag, as Westbrook ordinarily flosses his abilities in these games.

Russell Futurebrook

Russell Westbrook Wearing a Silver Jacket

Once in a while, Westbrook will wear an outfit that causes it to seem he has time traveled from a far off future. This would make sense of why he wears such countless absurd outfits, since he realizes he can generally return and change what he wore. Clearly, man totes are as yet a thing later on, which is fairly disheartening.

Assuming there is one thing we have learned in our experience on planet Earth, it is that you ought to never scrutinize a man from what’s to come. Whenever you get Westbrook with an outfit like this, he in all probability definitely realizes what will occur on each play, and you shouldn’t try to wager against the Thunder on these events.

Russell Pajamabrook

Russell Westbrook Wearing Pink Pajamas

Does this seem to be a risky man to you? In the event that you addressed indeed, you were very right. No one wears granny nightgown in the event that they don’t anticipate overwhelming their opposition, and Russell is no exemption for this standard.

Nothing finishes the progress of this outfit better compared to matching pink pajama bottoms and thick reading glasses. Without these, the entire outfit turns into a weak effort to mimic a 98-year-elderly person. Russell knows about this, which is the reason it is really smart to wager on the Thunder to dominate their match at whatever point he breaks out this ostentatious pink gathering.

Russell Camerabrook

Russell Westbrook Wearing an Official Photographer Vest

We will assume the best about him this time and expect that that is a camera pack rather than a man handbag. In any case, Russell Camerabrook is an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the ball world since he generally seems to have a completely flawless game.

Clearly he began this day with the arrangement of being Russell Rockbrook with the tore pants. Sooner or later, something turned out badly, and he concluded that a major orange picture taker sign for a shirt would acquire much more consideration than a tore Slayer shirt. This is an intense system, yet as long as he looks out for Dennis Rodman, he shouldn’t experience any difficulties.

Any man that needs this much consideration on some random day knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is going to posterize any simpleton that attempts to hinder him. Whenever I see this man wearing a goliath orange sign for a shirt I realize that things are going to quit fooling around, and that I ought to be wagering on the Thunder to win that evening.

Russell Westbroke

Russell Westbrook Wearing a Shredded Shirt

Someone signal the Rocky music. This man is prepared to crush from nothing to the highest point of the world… once more. He might have a great many dollars now, however that won’t prevent him from wearing a shirt that he found in an Oklahoma dumpster.

Whenever Russ seems like he is prepared to crush from the base, you know it’s chance to lay a bets on Oklahoma City to dominate the match. He even leaves his man satchel at home on these events, which ensures he will be completely engaged and prepared to thunder.


Russell Westbrook’s closet may be amazing, yet it isn’t however extraordinary as how much cash that may be ready to be made by involving these outfits as a wagering guide. Whether he is in granny night robe or a demigod getup, there is a lot of data to be learned that can lead you on the way to brilliance