Why the Patriots Are the Safest Super Bowl Bet Ever

Why the Patriots Are the Safest Super Bowl Bet Ever

Tom Brady Throwing a Pass

The Patriots are the group that the greater part of us love to abhor. Outside of New England, it seems like essentially everybody in the nation is pulling for the dark horse Philadelphia Eagles to convey the Patriots a devastating mishap in Super Bowl 52.

So I’m not amazed to see early 원엑스벳  wagering activity for the Super Bowl come in on the Eagles, driving the opener of +6 down to +5 and no more wagering destinations inside a couple of hours. Philadelphia has looked pretty darn great in these NFL end of the season games, resisting the chances with upset triumphs over the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings in progressive weeks.

Be that as it may, while our souls might lie with the Eagles, we likewise need to ensure our heads are associated with any wagering choices we make. Furthermore, when you provide this matchup with a touch of thought, you’re presumably going to begin to reconsider risking everything to win straight up (a bet that paid near +200 and no more wagering destinations as of Tuesday, January 23.)

Considering how all of New England’s Super Bowl triumphs have been nail-biters (4 of the 5 have been chosen by 4 or less, and the other one went to additional time), I’m not eager to lay the focuses here by the same token. Yet, with regards to the moneyline, I don’t know there might be a more secure Super Bowl bet (by safe, I mean the probability of winning this bet, comparative with the sum you need to risk) in history than laying the – 220 with the Pats.

The following are 5 motivations behind why.

1. New England Doesn’t Turn the Ball Over

However the Eagles’ protective rankings are strong by and large (fourth in absolute yards, first against the run, seventeenth versus the pass), a major key to Philadelphia’s prosperity this year has been its capacity to exploit its adversaries’ missteps.

The Eagles were fourth in the NFL this season in all out focal points, blocking 19 passes while additionally recuperating 12 bobbles. They lost the turnover fight only multiple times the entire season, and they lost 3 of those games. It’s additionally important that of the 12 bobbles the Eagles recuperated, they returned 5 of them for scores. That was the most bungle returns for scores in the association, attached with Jacksonville.

Assuming there’s one thing about the Patriots that has powered all of their prosperity throughout the long term, it is possible that they basically don’t beat themselves. New England submitted the fourth-least turnovers in the NFL this season. What’s more, of the 12 turnovers the Patriots offense hacked up, 8 of them came against the Bills, Jets and Dolphins. For what reason is that important? Indeed, those groups incidentally turn out to be division rivals who play New England two times consistently. So in the 10 games against rivals not as acquainted with the Patriots’ plans, New England offered the ball only multiple times.

In the event that the Patriots safeguard the ball the manner in which they typically do, it’ll compel Nick Foles and the Eagles offense to walk the ball down a long field – something I don’t figure they can do with any consistency against Bill Belichick’s protection.

2. The Patriots Can Exploit the Eagles’ Lone Defensive Weakness

As I referenced in the last point, Philadelphia’s guarded insights are really great in all cases. But with regards to safeguarding the pass.

In spite of that multitude of interferences the Eagles pulled in, their optional has been sliced now and again this season, particularly when they’ve confronted quality quarterbacks.

In a season that Eli Manning momentarily lost the beginning employment that he’d held with the Giants for north of 10 years, Manning found the middle value of 400 yards and 3 scores in his 2 games against the Eagles. Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers additionally tossed for north of 300 yards against Philadelphia, while Russell Wilson was an effective 20-for-31 for 227 yards and 3 scores. Carson Palmer tossed for 291 yards against them in Week 5 also.

I know that pass safeguard yardage details of good groups can be misdirecting on the grounds that their rivals are routinely following and need to toss the ball more against them. In any case, in the event that the Eagles couldn’t hold down Eli Manning, Kirk Cousins and Philip Rivers, I figure they ought to be a piece apprehensive about how their optional will hold facing the G.O.A.T.

Philadelphia additionally comes up short on prevailing pass rush that can give Tom Brady migraines

3. Super Bowl Experience Matters

With regards to taking care of the strain of the Super Bowl, there’s not a viable replacement for experience.

New England enjoys a gigantic upper hand over Philadelphia in this office. Falcons lead trainer Doug Pederson in fact possesses a Super Bowl ring, yet it came as a third-stringer for the Packers in 1996. The Eagles likewise have a few players who have taken an interest in the major event (Torrey Smith, LeGarrette Blount, Chris Long, Corey Graham, Dannell Ellerbe, Will Beatty and Malcolm Jenkins), yet albeit those players could affect the game, they’re not liable to be distinction creators.

The Patriots, in the interim, are making their subsequent straight Super Bowl appearance, third in four years and eighth in the Brady/Belichick period. Brady has gazed intently at different final quarter Super Bowl shortages in his profession and continually conveyed, including last year’s convention from a 28-3 final part opening to beat the Falcons. He’s additionally encircled by huge loads of colleagues on the two sides of the ball who will not be scared by the enormous stage.

The last time we saw Philadelphia in the Super Bowl in 2005, reports recommended QB Donovan McNabb was hurling uninvolved. I’m not saying that will happen to the Eagles here, yet it’s impossible to tell very how the Philly players will respond to the strain of playing one game for everything before in excess of 100 million individuals on TV.


4. Belichick Has Time to Prepare

Beating a Bill Belichick guard is hard to the point of doing on an ordinary week. However, when Hoodie has additional chance to get ready, it stacks the chances against you considerably more.

Perhaps the Eagles ought to call Tom Coughlin. All things considered, Coughlin and the Giants are the possibly group to beat Belichick in the Super 윈윈벳  Bowl when the amazing Patriots mentor has had fourteen days to conspire up a guard. And, surprisingly, in those 2 Super Bowl misfortunes to the Giants, dislike the Patriots protection got illuminated. New England’s offense was more to fault for its 17-14 misfortune to Big Blue in Super  Bowl 42, and again 4 years after the fact in a 21-17 loss to the Giants.

In the Belichick/Brady time, the Patriots are 13-4 following a bye week during the standard season, another situation where the New England instructing staff has fourteen days to get ready for an adversary. During that range, the Patriots protection has permitted a normal of roughly 18 focuses per game experiencing the same thing.

On the off chance that Belichick could dial back Kurt Warner and the Rams’ Greatest Show on Turf to only 17 places in Super Bowl 36, I don’t think he’ll have that much trouble conceiving a plan to dial back an Eagles offense drove by a reinforcement quarterback.

5. The Patriots Make Better Half-Time Adjustments Than Anyone

There are two things we can draw from the manner in which the Patriots generally appear to mobilize back from any shortfall they face.

In the first place, nothing flusters them. Also, and maybe above all, they make the best in-game changes in the NFL.

Anything neutralizes the Patriots safeguard in the primary portion of a game by and large doesn’t neutralize them in the final part. In the 2016 end of the season games, New England permitted only 18 final part focuses in 3 games, and 7 of those focuses came on a unimportant score by Pittsburgh in trash time. Last week against Jacksonville in the AFC title, the Pats permitted only a couple of field objectives in the last 30 minutes subsequent to permitting 2 scores in the main half. The earlier week, Tennessee’s just last part score accompanied 1:55 left in a 35-7 game.

In the interim, the Patriots offense generally appears to figure out how to get what it needs. New England ended up down 10 focuses with 9 minutes to go last week against the best pass protection in the NFL, Brady actually figured out how to convey a couple of score drives to take out the 24-20 win.

In the event that Philadelphia gets down from the get-go in this game, it will be truly difficult to return depending on the right arm of Foles. What’s more, regardless of whether the Eagles convey a major lead into halftime, the Patriots will in any case likely return.

They generally do.


Purchasing in on the Eagles presently is like holding on until a bitcoin was valued at $17,000. This Philadelphia stock is high as can be right now after the whole nation saw the Eagles wreck a generally excellent Minnesota Vikings group in the NFC title game, which is presumably the main explanation this point spread isn’t over a score and this moneyline isn’t in the scope of – 300.I would rather not remove a lot from how incredible Philadelphia looked against Minnesota, yet I in all actuality do think the Vikings experienced somewhat of an enthusiastic disappointment seven days after inexplicably progressing past the Saints on the last play in the divisional round. And keeping in mind that Foles looked gigantic in going 26-for-33 for 352 yards and 3 scores, he’s additionally the very person that bobbed around from the Eagles to the Rams to the Chiefs and back to the Eagles in the course of the last 4 seasons.

By risking everything and the kitchen sink to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 52, you’re basically requesting that equivalent NFC title game execution from a quarterback who essentially hasn’t demonstrated a capacity to play at a significant level for a lengthy timeframe.

The Eagles’ prosperity following the Carson Wentz injury has charmed them to us such that I thought no group from Philadelphia at any point could. Yet, presently we’re discussing the best mentor/QB in NFL history going toward a youngster lead trainer and a reinforcement quarterback for the whole kit and caboodle.

Whenever it’s placed in that unique circumstance, the – 220 moneyline may be the best deal and most secure bet in Super Bowl history.